Cristian Benavides joined PIX11 News in July of 2018. He is a three-time Emmy Award winner and no stranger to New York City.

He comes to WPIX after spending nearly three years at the Telemundo affiliate in New York, WNJU, where he also contributed his reporting to WNBC.

He won a New York Emmy for his on-the-ground coverage during the 2016 Ecuador earthquake, which killed nearly 700 people and left thousands homeless. He also anchored a 30-minute nationally broadcast special, on the ground, three months after the earthquake struck.

More recently, he went back to broadcast from Ecuador during that country’s presidential elections.

His other notable coverage includes Hurricane Matthew from Florida and the Woman’s FIFA World Cup from Vancouver, as well reporting on the border crisis in 2015 from Brownsville, Texas, for Telemundo and NBC stations.

He began his journalism career as an anchor/reporter for the Univision affiliate in Tampa, Fla. Then he moved on to Telemundo where he worked as an anchor/reporter at their Washington D.C. and Phoenix affiliates. He joined WNJU in January of 2016.

He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in broadcasting. During his senior year, he was a White House intern. He is currently a Stabile Fellow at the Columbia Journalism School.

Also, he loves tacos and a good story!

Follow him on social media: @cbenavidestv
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    LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Eighteen years after the terror attack on 9/11, there was a reunion of sorts inside of Colors, a Lower East Side eatery founded by former employees of the Windows on the World restaurant, which sat on the top floors of the north tower in the World Trade Center. Seventy-three Windows on the World employees were among the thousands who perished on 9/11. “My gut was, ‘oh, that’s just a bad accident.’ But then as I […]

  • No more violations for sidewalk damage caused by city trees

    Long-awaited relief for New Yorkers, as the city has announced they will take responsibility for roots of trees that have damaged sidewalks. Prior to today the homeowner was held responsible but that will all change, as sidewalks damaged by the overgrown roots of trees planted by the city have resulted in tens of thousands of violations and threats of fines to homeowners who had no say on where trees would be planted. “The homeowners didn’t cause the problem, the tree […]

  • Man who faced homophobic, anti-Semitic harassment at New York Subway stop tells his story

    Community organizer Adam Eli posted a video showing him followed by a man who yells homophobic slurs at him, calling for Eli to take off his yarmulke Eli is queer and Jewish and understands why he was targeted. “I’m sort of assuming that they read that I was gay cause of the purse and also I have a patch on my butt,” Eli told PIX 11 exclusively. “He kept asking me to take off my kippah and I refused to.” […]

  • Crowds savor last day of beach season in NYC

    NEW YORK — As the summer is coming to an end in the city, New Yorkers told PIX 11 how they feel about the season coming to an end. Starting Sept. 8, there are no longer lifeguards at public beaches. We caught up with New Yorkers at Roackaway Beach as they took advantage of the day. On Saturday, the beaches were closed due to threats from Hurricane Dorian. There were mixed responses as some New Yorkers told us they were […]

  • Nassau Police and PBA face off over rifles

    MINEOLA, L.I. — Nassau County Police and the PBA are at odds over a number of rifles that have been stored away for years and are only made available to specialized police units. The police department has dozens of them in storage and haven’t distributed them to patrol officers. “It’s a situation where we have something we could use and give to our officers to protect themselves and the residents of this county,” said Dean Losquadro, Second Vice President of […]

  • Planning commission votes in favor of mayor’s Rikers replacement plan

    LOWER MANHATTAN — In a 9-3 vote, the city’s planning commission voted to move forward with a plan, backed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, to close Rikers Island and build four new borough-based jails. At a contentious hearing, protestors interrupted the commissioners as they spoke, clearly passionate about not moving the vote forward. The plan would reduce the city’s jail population from over 9,000 to 5,000 by 2026. The plan has been the target of a number of protests from […]

  • One dead, one critically injured after 3 men shot in Queens: police

    RICHMOND HILL, Queens — One man is dead and another was critically injured after three men were shot in Queens early Monday morning, police said. Officers responded just before 4:30 a.m. to a call for three men shot near 130th Street and 92nd Avenue in Richmond Hill, authorities said. When cops arrived to the scene they found a 35-year-old man shot in the torso, a 28-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, and a 27-year-old man who had […]

  • NYPD: Latest attack on Hasidic Man in Brooklyn not motivated by hate; community still on edge

    MIDWOOD, Brooklyn — Police say they don’t believe a Sturday attack on a man wearing traditional Jewish garment in Brooklyn was motivated by bias, but some members of the jewish community are concerned. Men dressed in traditional Jewish garment have been the target of attacks in Brooklyn three times over the last week. The latest attack happened late Saturday in front of a Midwood synagogue. The victim approached two men who were drinking and there was a verbal dispute, police […]

  • NJ Red Cross volunteers head to Florida as Hurricane Dorian spins toward US

    Hurricane Dorian is gaining strength and is forecasted to become a category four, it’s expected to make landfall in Florida where residents are bracing for impact. A category four hurricane could bring wind gusts of up 156 miles per hour, along with life-threatening storm surge and heavy rains “I’m more concerned about being there for the people,” Georgette Warren from Morristown, NJ said. “Wanting to do more and this is a way that I can do it” In our area- […]

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    As Hurricane Dorian approaches Puerto Rico, residents say they have post traumatic stress disorder from Hurricane Maria, which slammed the island two years ago. Dorian strengthened into a hurricane Wednesday afternoon as it lashed the British and US Virgin Islands. Puerto Ricans are keeping a close eye on the impact it may have on their home. In Puerto Rico, 30,000 homes still use blue tarps as makeshift roofs. On ‘Cafécito with Cristian’ Puerto Rican activists spoke about how residents on the […]

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