Meteorologist Craig Allen is one of the most authoritative weather sources in the New York tri-state area. Allen’s reports are accurate and authoritative, his manner warm and friendly.

Craig earned his meteorology degree from the Earth and Space Sciences Department at Stony Brook University in May 1979 and became chief meteorologist for WCBS 880 the following spring.

At age 12, Craig Allen lugged a chalkboard to the kitchen table each night and pretended to be a TV weatherman, delivering a forecast to his family while they ate dinner. Today, audiences hear his radio reports on 880 every weekday morning from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. and evenings from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Then he’s our meteorologist on weekends on PIX11 News at 5 and 10 pm.

“It is the perfect occupation for someone who loves to watch the forces of nature, so much so that I’ll get in my car to chase thunderstorms all over Long Island. Funny thing is I was terrified of thunderstorms as a child! When I was 11, my grandparents gave me some weather instruments and the fear turned to fascination. Now, I try to share that fascination & enthusiasm with my radio & TV audience.”

Craig prepares his own forecasts. He scans the tremendous (sometimes overwhelming) amount of atmospheric data and ponders all the possibilities before typing out a forecast which so many people will rely upon.

“If there is severe weather, I’ll try not be overly grim but I’ll make sure to get the sense of urgency across to the listener! But remember, there are too many variables surrounding us in this bubble of an atmosphere we call home. The physics of the atmosphere follow certain laws and never breaks away from them. We do not know all those laws; neither do the computers! I don’t believe forecasting will ever be a perfected science…but I’ ll always try my best!”

Here are some of Craig’s accomplishments over the years:

Meteorologist for WCBS880 since 1980 and PIX11 since 2010 and previously on CBS This Morning.

Member of American Meteorological Society, Radio Seal of Approval since 1985; TV Seal of Approval since 1991

FOLIO Award for the Blizzard of 2013

2012 NY Emmy Award with PIX11 for “Sandy: The Making of a Superstorm”

New York AP Award for Best WeatherCast in 2016

2017 Marconi Award winner with WCBS-AM /880 for Legendary Station of the Year

Speaker at many schools, conventions and seminars concerning weather and safety
Member of New York Press Club and A.F.T.R.A.

What does Craig do in his limited free time?

“I cherish it! Sitting outdoors, watching the weather with my family and you’ll almost always find me out there doing all gardening and landscaping around my home. In winter, I’m a big New York Islanders fan.”

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