Ayana Harry reports the PIX11 News at 5 and 10.

She was previously a reporter at FoxCT, where she was the New Haven Bureau reporter. The Emmy nominated journalist joined the station in January 2011.

Ayana was the only journalist to interview Ron Taylor, a man once exonerated for a 1993 murder, but then ordered back to prison in one of the most unique cases in Connecticut legal history. She also reported on the aftermath of tropical storm Irene, Hurricane Sandy and tornadoes in the Springfield, Massachusetts area. Ayana was one of the first reporters on the scene of the Sandy Hook School shooting ¿ providing live reports from Newtown as events unfolded.

Prior to working at FOX CT, Ayana was a digital reporter and field producer for ABC News covering the Northeast. Ayana’s work took her beyond the region for major breaking news stories. She contributed exclusive reports for the network from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and from the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

While at ABC News, Ayana also covered some of Connecticut’s biggest news stories including the Steven Hayes trial, the shooting at Hartford Distributors, Inc. and the 2009 murder at Yale. Prior to working as a digital journalist, Ayana held the positions of associate producer, production associate and desk assistant at ABC News in New York.

Ayana graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics.

Recent Articles
  • Jeffrey Epstein victims are standing up and speaking out in court: ‘I have found my voice now… I will not be silenced’

    One by one, the women stood up to finally, after all these years, be heard in a court of law. “He won in death,” said Chauntae Davies, who said Tuesday that the late millionaire Jeffrey Epstein raped her on his island while she told him to stop. “I have found my voice now, and I will not stop fighting. I will not be silenced anymore.” The women had been just teenagers trying to find their way in life, they said, […]

  • Prostitute arrested in connection to deaths of 3 men, apparently including Cipriani chef: officials

    QUEENS — A prostitute has been arrested on drug charges in connection to the deaths of three men, all found dead in Queens hotels, officials with the United States Department of Justice said Monday. One of those men is believed to be a well-known chef whose body was located last Wednesday after a days-long search for the missing man. Angelina Barini is expected to appear in federal court on Monday on charges of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent […]

  • Popeye’s and Chik-fil-A take the great chicken sandwich war of 2019 to NYC

    New Yorkers have been starving to weigh in after a sizzling debate was fried up by one tweet. … y’all good? https://t.co/lPaTFXfnyP — Popeyes Chicken (@PopeyesChicken) August 19, 2019 That’s how the great chicken sandwich war of 2019 began. Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is cashing in big. In one week, their twitter followers went up by 25 percent. The Chik-fil-A on East 42nd street this afternoon was pretty quiet. But Popeye’s was a completely different story. PIX11 had to go on […]

  • Mixed reaction to final discipline from Garner case

    MANHATTAN — By the time NYPD Sgt. Kizzy Adonis responded, Eric Garner was on the ground. Officers were trying to handcuff him. An ambulance was on the way. Sgt. Adonis was charged by the NYPD with failing to supervise the scene. Eric Garner’s mother, Gwen Carr, holds her partially accountable for her sons death. Sgt. Adonis is the last officer that will face any discipline from the department for their actions the day Eric Garner died. Sgt Adonis will give […]

  • NYPD sergeant will keep job, loses 20 vacation days over her role in Eric Garner’s death

    NEW YORK — The NYPD sergeant who supervised Daniel Pantaleo — the officer responsible for Eric Garner’s 2014 chokehold death — will keep her job and lose 20 vacation days, according to reports Wednesday. Sgt. Kizzy Adonis was newly promoted on the day Garner died, NYPD officials said. She arrived at the scene after Garner fell unconscious and was accused of failing to properly supervise officers. Her supervision of officers under her command was found lacking, but nothing about her […]

  • Judge rules Andre Wallace as acting Mayor of Mount Vernon

    In one Westchester town it’s been a long, hot summer of political fighting. Yesterday a judge stepped in, declaring Andre Wallace the mayor of Mount Vernon. “Every other week, the joke in Mount Vernon was, okay, who is the mayor today?” Wallace told PIX11. “Now its crystal clear. The turmoil at the top of this town dates all the way back to March of 2018. The mayor at the time, Richard Thomas, was arrested for allegedly stealing campaign funds. Thomas […]

  • School admissions changes will make it easier for parents, students: officials

    BROOKLYN — The middle school and high school admissions process for students in New York City is about to get a lot easier, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza, the head of the city’s school system. The two leaders unveiled a new application process Thursday that’s said to be simpler and more straight forward. It will have “fewer deadlines, less paperwork and more transparency,” according to de Blasio. The new process will feature a single form […]

  • CCRB chair speaks publicly about prosecution of Officer Daniel Pantaleo

    For the first time, the Civilian Complaint Review Board Chairman is speaking out publicly about their prosecution of Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Meanwhile, Eric Garner’s sister stood on the steps of City Hall. She and dozens of local groups signed a letter to the mayor, calling for immediate action. “It’s just a sad situation that [Mayor] de Blasio continues to drag his feet,” said Ellisha Flagg-Garner, Eric’s sister. In the spring, Officer Pantaleo faced an NYPD departmental trial over the 2014 […]

  • A unique one-year window for child sex abuse victims to get justice opens this week in New York

    Thousands of new child sex abuse lawsuits are expected this week in New York. The Child Sex Act opened up a unique one-year window for victims to sue their abusers and negligent institutions, no matter how long ago the abuse took place. The victim’s advocacy organization Safe Horizon produced a Public Service Announcement to raise awareness about the new law. The PSA includes personal stories from lawmakers, including State Senator Alessandra Biaggi. “The message to abusers is loud and clear,” […]

  • Alleged sex abuse victims part of suit against Jehovah’s Witness

    After decades of silence, John Michael Ewing and Heather Steele spoke publicly for the first time Monday describing years of sexual abuse at the hands of leaders in the religious group they grew up in, The Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Molest is not the right word,” Ewing explained. “We were sexually assaulted; we were sexually raped. We were raped of our religion; we were raped of our innocence.” Ewing says his abuse at the hands of a ministerial servant in the Jehovah […]

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