(WHTM) – Democrat John Fetterman hasn’t done many interviews since suffering a stroke days before May’s primary election. On Tuesday he spoke with Dennis Owens to defend his health and call out his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, for promoting what Fetterman’s campaign and supporters have called “quack cures.”

“I’m feeling well and getting better and better,” said Fetterman through a virtual interview where he used closed captioning to help his ongoing audio processing delays.

“I’ve been very frank, I’m going to miss some words every now and then or mush some words together.”

Fetterman didn’t mince words about his opponent, the former television doctor who Fetterman says has mocked him and his health issues.

“Wouldn’t want to have a doctor making fun of it or telling you you’re not able to work or fit to serve but unfortunately, that’s what my opponent has chosen to do.”

Fetterman was made available after The Washington Post published an article accusing Oz of pushing questionable diet pills and supplements on his television show. Fetterman is alleging Oz potentially harmed others to enrich himself.

“Of course, he made money off it. Why would you push things, he’s obviously a smart money, excuse me, smart person. Of course, he’s pushing it even though he knew it wasn’t effective because of the money.”

The Oz campaign did not specifically address the diet pill allegation but said “As a world-renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Oz is proud to have saved thousands of lives and invented life saving medical devices during his medical career.”

Fetterman has watched the polls go from a summertime double digit lead to a much slimmer couple of points in recent polls.

A new WHTM/Emerson College Polling/The Hill poll of 1,000 likely Pennsylvania voters shows Fetterman leading Oz 44.6% to 42.6% with a +/-3% margin of error. Third-party candidates received 5% and 7.9% were undecided.

“To be clear, it was always understood it was gonna tighten,” said Fetterman on Tuesday.

Fetterman blames millions of dollars in attack ads targeting him and suggesting he’s soft on crime and criminals. They seem to be taking a toll and moving the polls toward Oz.

“If you’re willing to lie on TV as a career then in a campaign you lie on television and that’s exactly what he’s done whether about my health or whether about my record.”

Fetterman’s record and his ability to articulate it will be on full display on October 25 at the abc27 studio in Harrisburg, the only scheduled debate in the Senate race.

“I’m looking forward to that and it’s gonna give both of us to talk about our records and confront each one of us in terms of what’s been said.”