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Parents forced to relive son’s death as trial begins for man accused of killing Long Island Boy Scout in DWI crash

Posted at 5:41 PM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-12 17:41:20-05

LONG ISLAND — A chilling 911 call was played in court Tuesday as trial began for a man accused of fatally striking a 12-year-old boy while driving drunk.

(Courtesy: Boy Scouts of America -- 12-year old Andrew McMorris and his father, John)

Andrew McMorris, 12, died from his injuries after he and four other scout members were struck by a vehicle while they were hiking along the road in Manorville, according to officials. One victim didn't walk for four months.

"We were hiking on the road and a car came over and hit some of the kids," a man says in the 911 call.

Prosecutors described the scene on the September day in 2018 as a "horror show."

Thomas Murphy is charged with aggravated homicide assault and driving while intoxicated. Testimony detailed a day of excess drinking. Murphy allegedly refused offers from friends to drive.

His attorney insists Murphy was not drunk.

"I'm saying, 100 percent my client was not intoxicated, 1 million percent," he said.

Supporters of the McMorris family arrived and sat in court together

"It's 407 days since that man took my baby's life," Alisa McMorris said. "Today begins this awful, awful journey into reliving this nightmare over and over again."