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Brooklyn District Attorney releases names of ‘bad cops’

Posted: 7:11 PM, Nov 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-11-07 19:11:49-05

BROOKLYN — The names of cops prosecutors in Brooklyn don't trust have been confidential until now, but the list of "bad cops" has come to light.

The names are broken down into two categories: officers the Brooklyn District Attorney's office will no longer be relying on when they prosecute cases and officers who've testified and then had state and federal judges raise doubts about the testimony.

"They have no credibility," Maryanne Kaishian with Brooklyn Defender Services said. "We did not necessarily realize that their behavior rose to this level."

The list was released after a Freedom of Information law request from Gothamist and WNYC

The release was slammed by Police Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch.

"Publicizing this information will destroy the careers of honest police officers and torpedo the cases against violent, gun-toting criminals," he said.

But Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said "this is not an indictment of the thousands of dedicated officers who work in our communities."

"We take police credibility very seriously because inaccurate statements by members of law enforcement strike at the heart of our criminal justice system, cause significant harm to the public trust and may lead to wrongful convictions," he said.

Criminal Defense Attorney Justin Bonus has worked several wrongful conviction cases in Brooklyn and believes the release of the list is just a first step.

"How many times in how many cases did the DA's office know that these officers were problematic?" he asked.