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Commuters jump onto subway tracks, rescue man as train pulls into Brooklyn station

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn — Quick action from commuters and a train operator saved a man in Brooklyn on Thursday morning.

Commuters jumped onto the tracks to rescue a man at 36th Street in Brooklyn. (Twitter/TWEETOHMS)

A man fell onto the tracks from a platform at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn just after 8 a.m., an MTA spokesman said. Commuters jumped onto the tracks to help the man and a train operator slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid hitting the fallen man.

First responders later took the man to the hospital.

“I commend the Train Operator for quickly recognizing danger and taking immediate action to prevent harm to the customer,” MTA NYC Transit President Andy Byford said in an emailed statement. “The operator was incredibly alert, immediately recognizing the hazard and activating the train’s emergency breaks. I am proud to work alongside extraordinary colleagues like this each and every day and thank him for his life saving actions and professionalism.”

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