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NYC Transit Union launches ‘Trash Train’ contest

Posted: 5:57 PM, Oct 21, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-21 17:57:18-04

BROOKLYN — On the same day the MTA announced an increase in ridership, the Transport Workers Union launched a pretty stomach turning competition, offering $500 to the commuter who can submit the picture of the grossest subway car.

Riders told us they had seen everything from food to animal feces to even rats on the train. New York City's subways are notoriously filthy. Now, there's a growing collection of photos to show us exactly how bad things are.

Head on over to Trash Train and get ready to view some of the nastiest, vomit inducing pictures of what riders have seen for themselves on our train cars. Blood, Bodily fluids, feces, food waste, most too vile for us to even show you or even describe.

Riders will upload and submit on the site for a chance to win $500 and anyone can vote for their pick.

The Transport Workers Union is behind the competition and say they're doing it to prove a point. Three to four years ago, the union says they had 490 car cleaners, but today, they're down to 386, a cut they blame on MTA Chairman Pat Foye. On some lines, the union says the problem is so bad that many cars are never cleaned at all because of a shortage of staff.

"The riding public knows the condition of these cars," said Nelson Rivera of the Transport Workers Union. "It's not a secret."