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Flying car service looks to test vehicles in New Jersey

Posted: 11:52 PM, Oct 21, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-21 23:52:26-04

JERSEY CITY — Transportation is always big news in the region, as it keeps everyone in motion.

From subways to scooters, people are on the move. Are flying cars the next big thing?

A company called Kitty Hawk confirms is looking at locations in the United states to test the “Flyer” and the company confirms that New Jersey is one of the options.

Earlier this month on the grounds of the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City the Airboard 2.0 was tested.

It’s classified as a personal, single seat ultralight craft. If it meets weight and speed regulations, the federal aviation admonition does not require a pilots license. There’s no time frame for public flights.

The State of New Jersey is reviewing proposals and applications.

“We’re extremely excited at the prospect of being the first in the nation where Kitty Hawk is available," said Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop.

"Exploring alternative modes of transportation is important for a city like Jersey City, being the destination and transportation hub that we are. We’re happy to work with all stakeholders involved to welcome Kitty Hawk and serve as a model for other cities to adopt the new transportation format to best serve residents and commuters alike,” he added.