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Group steals over $100K in Bronx burglary spree: police

Posted at 1:21 PM, Oct 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-19 13:21:57-04

THE BRONX — Police are looking for a group of people accused of stealing thousands of dollars and valuables in a Bronx burglary spree.

Police are searching for the group of men accused of stealing over $100,000 from Bronx businesses in a series of four months.

The incidents occurred between May 27 and Sept. 6 across the Bronx, police said.

In the majority of the alleged burglaries, the suspects gained entry to businesses, many of which were tax multiservice or check cashing businesses by cutting holes through walls, roofs and ceilings, police said.

Once inside the establishments, they took cash totaling over $100,000 — during one incident, the group took an ATM machine with cash inside.

Police responded to the following incidents:

May 27: Two men cut a hole in the roof of a check cashing store along West 183rd Street and Aqueduct Avenue. Once inside, they used power tools to open the store safe and take about $66,000. 

June 6: Individuals gained access into a building on East 169th Street and Boston Road by cutting a hole into the floor and gaining access to a check cashing business through the ceiling of the floor below. About $109 was taken.
July 10: Individuals forced open the rear door of R and M Tax Multiservices on East 187th Street and took $15,000.

Aug. 9: Individuals entered the K and C Multi Service on University Avenue by making a hole in a wall. Once inside, they removed $10,000 in cash from a cash box.

Aug. 9: Individuals entered a grocery store on University Avenue and took $3,000 in cash, an ATM machine valued at $3,000 that contained $8,980 in cash and $200 in Newport cigarettes.

Sept. 5: Individuals gained entry into the roof of a beauty salon on West 238rd Street and took about $300.

Sept. 5: A group of men entered a Tax Professional business next door to the beauty salon by compromising a wall. Once inside, they caused a mess, but left with no property.

Sept. 6: A group of men entered a grocery bodega on West 238th Street through the roof. Once inside, they took about $1,000.