Mary-Louise Parker returns to Broadway with a powerful performance in ‘The Sound Inside’

Posted: 7:45 AM, Oct 16, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-16 09:16:57-04

NEW YORK — She has stepped into every role from whimsical girlfriend to a pot-peddling mom. Now, Tony Award-winner Mary-Louise Parker is back on stage with another masterful performance in “The Sound Inside.

The powerful prose gives the audience something to think about.

Parker plays “Bella,” a professor riddled with cancer.

“It’s not one big secret that will really give things away because so many people have different theories about what’s going on.”

The actress known for her eclectic characters, both on stage and screen, finds herself in a world of overlapping realities.

“This mystery develops where you are kind of listening to her write a book and narrate the book,” said.

Her co-star, Will Hochman, a native New Yorker, makes his Broadway debut.

“It’s surreal. It’s incredible. I feel very grateful.”

He studied economics in college, but wound up taking a different path.

Ironically, where he is now — it’s all happening in a place his mother used to hang out.

“My mom moved to New York from Florida when she was 19 and worked for Calvin Klein and would come dance in Studio 54.”

Hochman is grateful to be working alongside Parker during his first role.

“To be in the room with Mary Louise — its an extraordinary education.”

“The Sound Inside” opens Thursday at Studio 54. For tickets, click here.