Jersey City residents thank hero neighbors who helped them miraculously escape massive blaze that destroyed row of homes

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — Forty-four people are more grateful than ever to be alive after an intense blaze consumed their homes here. All of the residents escaped without any injuries. They said that a couple of awake and alert neighbors helped them to get out of their burning houses, and that they’re thankful to them, even as the displaced residents try to put their destroyed lives back together.

“We all flew down the side door, and got out,” resident Rose Abraham told PIX11 News. “That's when we saw how bad it was.”

“We're all still in shock,” Abraham added, “but we're also happy we're still alive, thank God.”

She also thanked a tenant in her multi-family home, named Tony. Abraham’s family also credited a next door neighbor, named Jacob, with alerting the sleeping family to the blaze consuming their home around 4:15 A.M.

“I just banged and banged and banged” on the side door of his elderly neighbor, Jacob Levine said, “and she ran down the stairs you know, [be]cause that fire was coming.”

His neighbors call him a hero, but Levine sees things differently.

“The firemen are the real heroes,” he said. He said that they’d prevented the fire on the corner of Wade Street and Rutgers Avenue from spreading further.

It left four homes destroyed.

The 44 former residents are for now being housed by the Red Cross in area hotels.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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