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Hoboken park set to hold 2 million gallons of floodwater

Posted: 6:28 PM, Oct 04, 2019
Updated: 2019-10-04 18:28:56-04

HOBOKEN, N.J. — Hoboken officials broke ground today on a 5-acre park off of 12th and Adams Streets which is engineered to absorb 1 million gallons of floodwater through green infrastructure, while another 1 million gallons will be held in an underground storage tank.

"That’s an incredible fix," said one resident.

Hoboken was inundated during Superstorm Sandy, but also struggles with chronic flooding during minor rainstorms.

“Hoboken’s Northwest Resiliency Park will become a national model for parks across the country, as it combines critical open space needs along with major infrastructure to reduce flooding,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Officials say Hoboken purchased the land for approximately $30 million. The site was formally home to an industrial factory.

Hoboken has already built a similar but smaller resiliency park in the southwest corner of the city, which includes an underground tank designed to hold up to 400,000-gallons of floodwater.

"I have never seen flooding since the park has gone up," said John Gregario, a resident who lives nearby. "Harrison Street used to be - cars still parked there were up to their wheel wells in water and flooded out. But now that the park is there, it’s gone."

The much larger park going in on 12th and Adams will also include a playground, a pavilion, sports fields, an ice rink and more.

Construction is expected to cost about $50 million. Mayor Bhalla said thanks to federal and state grant money Hoboken taxpayers will not pay more annually on account of this project.

The park is expected to open in 2022.