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Tiger rescued from Harlem apartment dies at Ohio sanctuary

HARTSDALE, N.Y. — A tiger rescued from a Harlem apartment has died at around the age of 19.

Ming the tiger (Noah’s Lost Ark Exotic Animal Rescue Center)

Ming found a new home at an Ohio animal sanctuary after being captured in 2003. He had mauled his then-owner, who was trying to keep the tiger away from a kitten. The New York Post confirmed this week that Ming died in February. His cremated remains were buried in April at the suburban Hartsdale Pet Cemetery , north of New York City.

The head of Noah’s Lost Ark , Ellen Karnofel, tells the Daily News that the ceremony was kept quiet because Ming “deserved some peace” after becoming a spectacle.

She says Ming had “a really good life” at the sanctuary, swimming and playing with “tiger friends.”

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