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‘Windows on the World’ employees launch new restaurant

Posted: 10:22 PM, Sep 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-11 22:23:24-04

LOWER EAST SIDE, Manhattan — Eighteen years after the terror attack on 9/11, there was a reunion of sorts inside of Colors, a Lower East Side eatery founded by former employees of the Windows on the World restaurant, which sat on the top floors of the north tower in the World Trade Center.

Seventy-three Windows on the World employees were among the thousands who perished on 9/11.

“My gut was, 'oh, that’s just a bad accident.' But then as I watched, then it became clear. This was intentional,” said Sol Policar, a former restaurant worker.

The day after the attacks he said he couldn’t just watch what was unfolding from home. He went to ground zero

“I used my World Trade Center ID and told the state troopers 'I’m working recovery' and they passed me right through,” Policar said. “I joined the bucket brigade and for the next four and five days I was there. I wanted to believe there were people alive.”

Over the years, former employees of Windows on the World have tried to start new ventures that have since closed. Colors first opened in 2006 but shut down to the public in 2017 when it was turned it into a culinary school. Now it will open to the public once again at a new location on Stanton Street.

They’ve brought in a new investor- philanthropist Abigail Disney.

“I couldn’t get my mind off the people from Windows because I knew many didn’t have life insurance. They weren’t set up to deal with a cataclysm like that,” said Disney. “Colors is a great way to be supportive of those who, 18years later, we still remember them. And we still feel for those families they still need our help”

There’s no set date yet on when the restaurant will open but plans are for late October or early November. It will honor the memory of those who died working at Windows on the World 18 years ago.