Harlem on the Rise, Part 1: 2 groups, 2 Movements

Posted: 5:41 PM, Sep 10, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-10 17:41:26-04

They started as seeds in Harlem and have now grown into movements.

Senator Brian Benjamin from Harlem took pix11 to 127th street in Harlem, where we discovered a farm right in the middle of the busy block

“We are not a garden, gardens are cute, farms are necessary, we grow food,” said founder and executive director of Harlem Grown Tony Hillery. “We plant fruits and vegetables. We grow healthy children. That’s our crop."

The farm Grows 8000 pounds of food a year. Everything they grow is free of charge to families. Every Saturday, they have cooking classes to teach the children how to cook what they grow, then the kids teach their parents.

Hillery took us inside, where they have an urban pop-up farm. It truly makes a difference in the community by providing food and jobs in a very sustainable way, or as they call it, "45 days to your plate!"

There's more than 55 fast food restaurants in a three block radius and 29 pharmacies, but no affordable healthy food options, says State Sen. Brian Benjamin.

More examples of growth are coming in the area.

Just a few blocks away, a 400,000 square foot building is going up that will house the National Urban League's national headquarters The first ever Museum of the Civil Rights Experience in New York and new Commercial office space and retail space and 171 units of affordable housing are coming.

“We are going to come here two three years and we will see museum. This is global,” said Benjamin.

How do you get one of those affordable apartments? There will be a city lottery through hp. The building will be complete in 2022.