NJ man arrested in $8,000 ‘grandparents scam’: police

PROSPECT PARK, N.J. — A New Jersey man has been arrested in connection with what’s being called a “grandparents scam” in which he took $8,000 from an elderly man, police said.

Detectives in the town of Prospect Park took 22-year-old Juan Gil-Delao into custody Wednesday in nearby Clifton. Gil-Delao targeted a 72-year-old man by first calling him saying he was his nephew.

Gil-Delao told the man he was arrested for a DWI and needed money for legal fees. He instructed the victim to send the $8,000 via FedEx overnight to a Prospect Park address. The victim complied.

Gil-Delao has been charged with a count of theft and a count of conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

“The outstanding work by our detectives and patrol officers brings closure to this victim, while also serving as a reminder, to be aware of such scams which have become increasingly common,” said Prospect Park Police Chief Charlie Atie.


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