10 Easy Tips on how to Transform your Guest Bedroom into a Summer Oasis

Posted at 1:58 PM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2020-02-14 11:35:39-05

NEW YORK — It’s summertime, which means at some point within the next few months, you will be hosting extended family or friends who want to visit the Tri-state area. But, how do you make your guests feel comfortable in your home? Lifestyle blogger and Raymour & Flanigan design expert, Charlotte Smith, shares her top 10 tips on how to transform your guest bedroom into a summer oasis.

Charlotte’s tips:

1. Spend the night in the room to experience what the guest will.

It’s difficult enough choosing decorations for your guest bedroom but —most importantly —is it comfortable? Before guests arrive, pick a night of the week to sleep in your guest bedroom so that you can test the comfort of the space. If it’s not comfy for you, it won’t be for your visitors, either.

2. Prep the room for different temperature preferences.

The weather can be very  unpredictable in the Tri-state area. Sometimes it gets chilly during the summer months — especially with the air conditioner blasting in the middle of the night. Provide an extra throw blanket and a robe for guests to keep warm , or consider adding a portable fan to the closet so that guests can stay in control of the temperature.

3.  Display WiFi password on nightstand for easy accessibility.

It can feel like a bother asking the host for the WiFi password. To avoid awkward banter and replace it with a cute design addition,  place a picture frame with the WiFi password at the center of your nightstand. Your guests will thank you for it!


4.  Have different chargers handy for all types of devices.

There’s nothing worse than traveling and realizing you forgot to pack your phone charger. You can impress your guests by having extra chargers on standby for all of their devices.

5. Use subtle aromatherapy candles or diffusers.

Placing scented candles around the guest bedroom will ensure the space smells fresh and clean. Some people may be sensitive to strong scents, so when you can, choose mild candles. If you’re uncomfortable with an open flame, diffusers are a great alternative. Plus — they make for lovely decorative trinkets.

6. Have a variety of reading materials available.

How can you keep your visitors entertained throughout their entire trip? Store books and magazines in the bedside table. This way, they can grab one and head to the beach, pool or to read before bed, all at their leisure.


7. Prep a designated spot for luggage storage.

Have an area of the room to place luggage. An ottoman is great for luggage storage because it is elevated and there is storage space inside.

8. Create a DIY guest tray with treats.

Welcome your guests with an array of refreshments to choose from. You can present snacks for guests to eat anytime. If you want to take an extra step, provide on-the-go refreshments that they can throw in their bag when heading out,  such as water bottles and granola bars.


9. Set up a container with travel-sized toiletries.

It’s easy to forget the smaller things when traveling. Set up a container with basic necessities, like Advil, sunscreen, hairspray and deodorant. Your guests will be thrilled!

10. Have an activities sheet with local commerce and things to do.

You know the area better than your guests do! To take the stress away, make a list of your favorite activities like restaurants, bars, museums and attractions.

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