Woman run over by partner in car, killed at Queens gas station: police

Posted: 1:18 PM, Aug 17, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-17 13:18:47-04

MASPETH, Queens — A pedestrian run over by the car she was washing at a Queens gas station died Saturday, according to police.

Authorities said the woman, 51, and her male partner, 50, were washing the car at 60-90 Eliot Ave in Queens. Once they were done, they moved the 2019 Jeep to dry it.

When the woman got out of the vehicle to start drying it, it was not in put in park and began moving, police said.

Authorities said the man got into the car to stop it from moving, but instead of hitting the brake, he hit the gas and ran over the woman.

She was transported to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

It happened at 60-90 Eliot Ave in Queens.