Man shoves beef brisket, propane bottles down pants at Walmart: police

NASHVILLE — A Nashville man was arrested for what started out as an alleged shoplifting attempt, that turned into charges of assaulting an officer.

Police report that they were at Walmart on Dickerson Pike north of Nashville on another call, when while in the loss prevention office they observed John Allen Honaker on security camera, shoving items in his pants.

Police and the loss prevention employee detained the man, and discovered he had placed two propane bottles in his pants, along with sliced beef brisket. The total value of the items found in Honaker’s pants is approximately $35.00.

Police say the company asked to prosecute Honaker for shoplifting, and so they began transporting him to central booking.

While on the way, officers report that Honaker tried kicking out the windows on the police vehicle, as well as spitting a number of times inside, and slammed his head against the plastic partition separating the rear and front seats.

After the officer called for backup assistance, police say they attempted to place a hobble restraint on Honaker, to prevent his attempts at causing damage to the police vehicle.

That’s when Honaker allegedly attempted to kick the officer in the head and midsection. Police say he had a strong odor of alcohol about his person, admitted to officers he had been drinking, and advised officers to “leave his drunk *expletive* *expletive* alone.”

Honaker was arrested on a class B misdemeanor charge of assault on an officer.

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