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Ocean Cube: Popular pop-up art exhibit takes you under the water

Posted at 11:13 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 23:33:52-04

SOHO, Manhattan —It's described as beautiful and emotional.

"Ocean Cube," a new immersive pop-up exhibit in SoHo, is transporting people under the sea with hopes they'll take action to protect the body of water that covers the earth.

Ever dreamed of floating through the sea?

The exhibit lets you experience this incredible bio-luminescent world.

Before I could even experience the exhibit, people were raving about it.

“It's such an experience with every room with different colors. It just feels like you're moving from one realm to the other. It's very beautiful.”

Quin Wu, an architect by trade, but a passionate artist, is the man behind this pop-up.

“I saw a documentary movie about the ocean, and I was touched by it," he said.

Each room is a different experience, traveling from the surface of the ocean to the deep blue.

This exhibit is one of New York's most Instagramable pop-ups. Quin says he’d like people to be inspired by the exhibit.

“I want people to be touched by the beauty first and then notice what's going on and walk away understating with their own interpretation on what they should do," he said.

Ocean cube is open until Aug. 18.