Travelers stopped by traffic nightmare on the way to LaGuardia Airport

Posted: 9:58 PM, Aug 08, 2019
Updated: 2019-08-08 22:18:57-04

QUEENS — Traffic got so bad in and out of LaGuardia Airport on Thursday that passengers decided to abandon their rides and walk to their terminals in order to avoid missing their flights.

“It’s really bad. It’s taking 30-40 minutes to drop off someone at their airport,” one driver said.

Another driver said it took over an hour just to get to Terminal B after he was redirected by police

“So frustrating," he said.

LaGuardia Airport officials explained it was the second busiest day in the airport's history.

"Passenger volumes are significantly increased due to the more than 300 flight cancellations yesterday because of storms across the Northeast," LaGuardia tweeted. "That record passenger volume comes in the midst of peak of the peak of construction as we build a whole new LaGuardia Airport and now rush hour traffic."

Port Authority Police increased their presence by over 50 percent because of the chaos. New York State POlice also stepped in to help with traffic on the Grand Central Parkway.