Teen found unconscious in NJ soccer field may have been struck by lightning

CHATHAM, NJ — A teen found unconscious in a New Jersey field on Thursday night may have been struck by lightning, officials said.

A witness running on the Chatham soccer field noticed a lightning strike, then spotted 19-year-old Brendan Darby unconscious on the ground about 10 feet from the soccer goal post around 8:40 p.m., police said. Darby woke up about two minutes later and said his entire body felt like it was tingling.

The witness ran to a nearby John Tunny's house to get help, officials said. Tunny went to the field and found an unsteady Darby wandering around.

"He was kind of a little disoriented," Tunny said.

Darby was alert and conscious when emergency workers arrived, police said. He was shaken and didn't remember seeing lightning or falling unconscious.

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