Petitions delivered to City Hall to fire police officers

Posted at 8:29 PM, Aug 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-07 20:29:24-04

Pressure mounting around Mayor Bill de Blasio, as 61,000 petitions were delivered to City Hall today calling on the mayor to fire 2 NYPD officers, including Wayne Isaacs.

In July of 2016, Officer Isaacs was off duty when he shot and killed Delrawn Small in a road rage incident.

“This is not a person who should be serving our city in any capacity,” said Victoria Davis, Small’s sister. “Wayne Isaacs should have driven off. Wayne Isaacs should have pulled out his badge instead of his gun.”

Isaacs stood trial in 2017 on murder and manslaughter charges. After three days of deliberations, a jury found him not guilty.

“There was no time, nor would it have done any good to identify himself as a police officer,” said Isaac’s attorney at the time.

Small’s family and their supporters are pushing the mayor to step in.

“If he’s trying to run a country, he needs to actually run the city of New York with transparency and justice,” said Carmen Perez of Justice League NYC.

The petitions also call on the mayor to follow the recommendation of an NYPD trial judge and fire Officer Daniel Pantaleo. He’s accused of placing Eric Garner in a chokehold shortly before his deth.

Before the mayor weighs in, Police Commissioner James O’Neill will review the judge’s report.

“I have to make decisions in disciplinary cases,” he said.  “This one is an important one moving forward I just have to look at the testimony and the evidence and come to a fair decision.”