Queens toddler with sickle cell anemia desperately needs donation before her 2nd birthday

A Queens toddler needs to receive a stem cell transplant before her second birthday to have a fighting chance at a normal life.

Fifteen-month-old Christian Delaney was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when her newborn screening test results came back. Her older sister doesn't have Sickle Cell and the little girl's father had no idea he carried the trait.

She's been hospitalized multiple times for pain crises and needed multiple blood transfusions each time.

"As a father, you want to take the pain yourself," her dad said.

Her doctors hope to do a blood stem cell transplant soon, but Delaney's sister isn't a match and there are no perfect matches on the registry.

The little girl's family is desperately hoping to find a donor soon. All you need is a cheek swab to join the Be The Match Registry. Visit Join.bethematch.org/Christian to sign up.

Christian Delaney has sickle cell anemia. Her doctors need help finding a matching donor for the little girl.

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