Long Island parents design Islanders-themed bedroom for toddler ahead of sibling’s birth

Posted at 4:03 PM, Aug 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-01 16:03:22-04

LONG ISLAND — When Ashleigh and Keith Campbell found out they were having a second child, it was time to move their son Charlie to a new bedroom.

In order to make the transition smoother, they said the toddler could help design his new space.

“My husband and I wanted to include him in picking stuff out for the room so he’d be more comfortable with moving,” Ashleigh Campbell told PIX11 News.

Charlie told his parents he wanted a hockey-themed bed. After all, his family has been New York Islanders season ticket holders since he was 1-year-old.

“He actually got his first game puck and he immediately started using it as a teething toy,” said Campbell.

Slowly, the room turned into what the St. James couple calls “a mini-Nassau Coliseum.” First, they bought an IKEA day bed and painted it red and blue to look like a rink.

Ashleigh then asked some of her old college hockey teammates for extra sticks that Keith attached to the bed.  Soon other projects began in the room, such as replacing knobs on his drawer with pucks, displaying memorabilia on the wall, and attaching a rink light.

As for if Charlie likes his new room, his parents scored some major points ahead of Ashleigh’s due date on Monday.

“[Charlie] walked in and immediately said, ‘this is my room and the other room is the baby’s room,’” recalls Campbell.  “He totally took to this room and he has no ties to his old room now.”