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Meet the NY grad student who resurfaced a 1976 doc on racism in Rosedale, Queens

Posted at 11:45 AM, Jul 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-31 11:45:38-04

Moments from a 43-year-old PBS documentary on racial tensions in a Queens neighborhood went viral on social media recently after a local graduate student discovered the film and resurfaced the clips.

Hunter College grad student Sola Olosunde told PIX11's Craig Treadway he discovered journalist Bill Moyers' "Rosedale: The Way It Is," while doing research online.

The 1976 documentary examined soaring racial tensions in the residential neighborhood of Rosedale when the Spencers, a black middle-class family, moved into the white working-class neighborhood.

The program "examines the fear, hatred and courage generated as the have-nots of our society battle for a tiny piece of the good life," according to Moyers' official website.

The program was part of Moyers' television docu-series "Bill Moyer Journals," produced by WNET in New York that began airing on PBS in 1971.

PIX11's James Ford went back to Rosedale and met with homeowner and subject of the original doc, Glenda Spencer. Watch his interview with her on the PIX11 News at 10 on Wednesday, July 31.