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Commuters deal with ‘mass transit disruptions’ between Manhattan, Brooklyn

Posted: 4:48 PM, Jul 22, 2019
Updated: 2019-07-22 20:24:47-04

NEW YORK — Commuters dealt with “mass transit disruptions” between Manhattan and Brooklyn during their evening commute on Monday.

A switch malfunction caused problems on the No. 2, 3 and 4 train between the boroughs. Service on the No. 5 train was also suspended from Borough Hall to Flatbush Ave – Brooklyn College in both directions.

The malfunctioning switch is at Franklin Avenue. MTA crews will address the problem “later tonight,” according to their website.

New York City Transit Chief Customer Officer Sarah Meyer said there was also signifiant disruptions and crowding because a conductor was assaulted at Borough Hall.

She advised commuters to take lettered lines if at all possible.

MTA has also suspended the F train in both directions for stations south of Kings Highway due to a switch problem.