Massachusetts police asks for criminal activity to be held off until Monday amid extreme heat

BRAINTREE, Mass. — As Americans in half the country are gripped by heat and humidity, one police department in Massachusetts had a small request for their community.

The Braintree Police Department jokingly asked that anyone thinking of doing criminal activity should hold off until Monday.

“Conducting criminal activity, in this extreme heat is next level henchmen status, and also very dangerous,” the police department posted on their Facebook page.

Suggestions of what people could do instead of crimes included staying home, blasting the air conditioner, binge-watching “Stranger Things” season three, playing with the Face app or practicing karate in your basement.

“We will all meet again on Monday when it’s cooler,” the police department added.

The post has since been shared over 122,000 times.

Mass. police ask for criminal activity to be held off until Monday amid extreme heat (Braintree PD)

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