Power returns to Bronx NYCHA apartments, but for how long?

THE BRONX — A major power outage caused serious suffering at the Jackson Houses in the Bronx this week.

The power has returned to all seven buildings at 3080 Park Ave. due to generators, as families return to their homes. However, there are questions as to whether the power will stay on.

transformer fire at the Andrew Jackson Houses in Melrose Wednesday afternoon leftat least 125 units without power or water.

The outages reportedly knocked out elevators in the 16-story buildings, prohibiting some residents from getting to or from their apartments, which were surely hot considering no power meant no working air conditioners.

By 12:30 a.m. Thursday, water was restored to the complex, but many were still left in the heat.

NYCHA says they're looking for a permanent fix that gets the apartments on grid service.


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