NYPD’s top cop discusses NYC’s historic crime drop — and the surge in shootings

Since the start of the year, the city has seen a historic drop in overall crime, led by a 13.5 percent reduction in murders. The NYPD has accomplished this while making dramatically fewer arrests compared to the same time last year.  However, a recent surge in shootings serves as a stark reminder that keeping New Yorkers safe requires constant vigilance.

The man at the helm of the NYPD, the country’s largest police force, is James O’Neill, is a former officer who worked his way up the ranks to become New York’s 43rd police commissioner.   We hear from O’Neill on a wide range of topics including marijuana, a recent spate of officer suicides and his signature initiative, neighborhood policing.

And, it’s been 20-years since John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and his sister in law were killed in a plane crash off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. On this somber anniversary, Marvin Scott takes a look back at his life.


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