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Disabled tenants in Bronx NYCHA buildings with broken elevators feel stranded

Posted at 8:15 PM, Jul 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-10 20:15:02-04

THE BRONX — Elevators have been out for weeks in a Bronx New York City Housing Authority complex and many tenants who have problems with stairs feel stuck.

Throggs Neck Houses resident Michelle Jackson said she's tired of living like this.

"This is ridiculous," she said. You say you are going to fix something, then you don’t fix it. Then you leave it and we are suffering. You treat us like freaking animals for God's sake."

A routine inspection on May 23 found structural damage to an elevator shaft, a NYCHA spokesperson said. Service was immediately halted.

Inspectors determined then that the damage was structural to the building because of water damage, and was not a mechanical issue.

Staff inspected all elevator shafts at the development and found two similar structural issues at two other buildings, including Jackson’s building.

Lisa Jenkins, a woman who lives on the third floor and has multiple sclerosis, uses a walker and struggles to take the stairs.

“I’m disabled and there are a lot of people who are disabled like I am. So they they are stuck on their house,” said Jenkins.

Throggs Neck Houses Tenant President Monique Johnson said the city is working on fixing the problem.

“I want this done expeditiously. I want it done correctly. So I’m not really rushing them to do it. I want it done to be correctly,” said Johnson.

A NYCHA spokesperson says, “The safety of our residents is of upmost importance to us. Our staff is available to assist residents who need help while we also complete necessary structural repairs and fully restore service in a timely manner.“. Also Staff will continue to be available to assist residents with stair climbers and with carrying items until repairs are complete.

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