Red Carpet Rocks offers high end rental jewelry

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jul 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-09 07:54:42-04

LOWER EAST SIDE —Rent it, rock it, return it! It's the newest way to accessorize.

Today's Changmaker is disrupting the industry with her creative way of making high-end jewelry available to all.

The company is called Red Carpet Rocks. The woman behind this collection, Urvi Tejani, is a veteran in the jewelry industry.

“Red carpet rocks is basically like Rent the Runway but for costume jewelry.”

This is Urvi's second chapter, after having her own bridal jewelry line for 14 years, she decided to try something new.

“Brides were always saying, 'I love it, but can I just rent it?'”

That's when something clicked.

“It seemed like a natural evolution to go from selling to renting. It just made sense."

Her goal with Red Carpet Rocks? To make beautiful accessories available to everyone

Her pricing? $39 for any piece.

Urvi has collected nearly 1,000 pieces of jewelry ranging in price from $200 to $700, and many are sourced from all over the world.

And since renting seems to be the future of fashion, this allows you to try out new styles and at the same time stay on trend.