Inside Brooklyn’s new store where kids can buy, create and sell comics

Posted: 3:22 PM, Jul 03, 2019
Updated: 2019-07-03 15:22:13-04

CARROLL GARDENS, Brooklyn —Hidden above Franks Wine Bar, you’ll find New York’s newest comic shop: Loot.

“We wanted to design a space that was minimal and modern, but also inviting,” store manager Marisol Reed told PIX11 News. “We wanted it to look like a comic shop hadn’t looked before.

The speakeasy-type store is the creation of Fancy founder Joe Einhorn. The shop contains over 3,000 comics, ranging from vintage Marvel and DC Comics, to newer series by smaller publishers.

In addition to the huge stacks, the store is covered in wall art made up of dozens of covers. Two bean bag chairs sit between the shop’s back windows, encouraging people to browse the wide selection.

The store is specifically designed for kids. Loot offers memberships that cost $30 a month where people can checkout one title at a time. Individual comics are also for sale for $5.

Children can pay their membership by gaining “loot,” which can be earned by reviewing comics.

In August, Reed says Loot will begin offering classes from toddlers to teenagers where students can make their own comic books and other art projects. The store hopes to later sell their work, giving the majority of the profits to the kid authors.

Children can enter the store anytime during business hours by ringing the second floor's doorbell at 463 Court Street. However, adults must make an appointment by direct messaging the shop on their Instagram account.