Minimum wage hikes going into effect in NJ

TRENTON, N.J.  —  Get ready for a bigger paycheck.

New Jersey’s minimum wage goes up 13% to $10 an hour as part of the state’s five-year phase in of a $15 hourly minimum wage.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy signed the legislation ratcheting up the state’s $8.85 minimum wage earlier this year, and on Monday the rate climbs to $10.

“Today, New Jersey’s minimum wage is increasing to $10/hour, giving hundreds of thousands of New Jerseyans a well-deserved raise,” Gov. Murphy said. “Our path to $15/hour will grow our economy, uplift working families, make our state more affordable, and ensure fairness for future generations.”

For seasonal and small business employees there is no change in the rate, which will remain at $8.85 until it climbs to $10.30 on Jan. 1.

The minimum wage increases by $1 in subsequent years until it reaches $15 in 2024 — but not for all workers.

Farm workers’ wages will climb to $12.50 over five years, for example. Tipped workers, who currently have a minimum hourly wage of $2.13, will see it climb to $5.13 an hour by 2024.

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