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NYCHA seniors protest unfair treatment

Posted at 7:57 PM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 19:57:07-04

Several NYCHA senior centers were set to close across the city due to budget cuts including the King Towers Senior Center in Harlem. Funding for the centers was supposed to be cut from the city’s executive budget. PIX11 was there every step of the way when seniors battled to keep their beloved center open.

Taniqua Gregory says her grand mother’s apartment at the Mott Haven houses has a constant leak in the living room.

“It’s moldy. It stinks. She’s 70 and has a heart condition. She can’t live like this,” said Gregory. PIX11 visited 70 year old Josephine sapp-love in the Bronx Thursday

Sapp-Love just had heart surgery and she is feeling good but she not happy about the status of her floors.

“NYCHA should be ashamed of themselves. We pay rent and look what we get, no kind of Service,” said Sapp-Love.

If there's any hope of getting the floor repaired by August, NYCHA carpenters better start soon.According to NYCHA stats it takes an average of 157 days for their caprenters to complete a repair job! That's more than a month longer than just last year!

A NYCHA spokesperson tells us Staff have visited the resident’s apartment on two occasions last month to respond to leak complaints. However, claims of any leaks were unfounded. Also, the resident installed her own wood floor tiles and would like the floor replaced with non-NYCHA standard tiles.

This is not NYCHA policy and our staff can only install our standard tiles in NYCHA apartments. And the supervisor will be visiting to let her know that NYCHA staff can not replace her hard wood floors.

If there is a leak, she may show it to them and they will address it. Love says her leak had been fixed and got new cabinets, but she still needs repairs to her floors.