Formula Z Cosmetics: Teen boy creates inclusive makeup line

MIDTOWN — In celebration of pride month, Bloomingdale's is highlighting inclusive and forward-thinking labels.

The pieces that fill the Carousel shop were curated by Out Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Philip Picardi.

One of the stars among the group? Formula Z Cosmetics, created by a 17-year-old, Zach Dishinger.

Zach who is a Florida native, started making his formulas when he was just 13.

His mom says she and her husband saw his talent and let him follow this passion.

“When he first got into this we thought maybe it was a phase, as parents we said let's support him and see where it goes.”

Formula Z took off, with its message that its makeup for everyone regardless of race, age, sexual orientation or gender.

Besides selling a great product, Zach also support The Trevor Project with proceeds from sales of his gloss Mission Z.

The Trevor Project is the world's largest intervention and suicide prevention organization that provides services for LGBTQ youth.

Zach also wants to make sure that once pride month is over- it's not forgotten.

“Everyone may have a rainbow banner for the month of June but what happen when June is over? There needs to be a consistency of brands giving back to communities.”

Zach is planning on expanding Formula Z with many more products all while attending his senior year in the fall!


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