A video that shows a robot turning on its creators is scary — but also fake

A viral video has the internet worried a robot revolution is near.

But the clip, which appears to be the work of engineering group Boston Dynamics, is actually a parody video published by production company Corridor Digital.

In the video, a robot begins to fight back after repeated attacks from humans. While Boston Dynamics does post videos stress-testing new robots, Twitter users began to notice this video seemed a bit off.

Corridor Digital used to computer-generated imagery to create the parody, posting the video and an explainer video on their official YouTube account.

On Friday, the Twitter account @kocizum shared a low quality, trimmed version of the original video, which blew up on the site, creating concern for both the robot and the fate of humanity.

Twitter users, including Corridor Digital, began replying to the tweet with links to the original video, asking they be credited. The full video also includes behind-the-scenes footage, proving the video was fake.

The trimmed clip has been removed from @kocizum’s account due to copyright issues.

This is the second time this weekend the internet has been tricked by the magic of CGI. A doctored video of the Gyro Drop free-fall ride in Seoul, Korea, was circulating on social media.

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