Tornado touchdown confirmed in two NJ towns Thursday

MULLICA HILL, NJ —  Damage sustained in Mullica Hill, New Jersey Thursday was caused by a tornado with wind speeds of EF0 intensity, according to the National Weather Service.

A screenshot of video shot by Hope Hinkson shows what appears to be a tornado on June 13, 2019, in Wenonah. The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down in nearby Mullica Hill.

A tornado touchdown was confirmed in New Jersey on Thursday night.

A tornado warning had been issued for the area earlier in the evening.

“Given video of a clear funnel with some small debris being lofted, a tornado touchdown has been confirmed in Mullica Hill, NJ this evening,” the NWS Mount Holly twitter account tweeted.

This is the second tornado in New Jersey over the last month. One touched down in the Stanhope area in late May.

Information on the strength and path of the tornado has not yet been determined.

Video of what appeared to be a twister in nearby Wenonah was shared on Facebook by Hope Hinkson.

“I saw this forming when I got home and just had to stand there for a second to get it!” Hinkson posted.

A survey was sent out to determine the damage. They also found damage further northeast of Mullica Hill, just south of Depftford. The NWS says this was caused by tornadic winds of EF1 intensity.

The National Weather Service believes this damage was caused by the same tornado but with a discontinuous path.

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