NYCHA seniors rally outside Gracie Mansion

YORKVILLE, Manhattan — More than 200 seniors who live in NYCHA homes rallied at Gracie Mansion Wednesday night, protesting what they call a broken promise from the Mayor.

They say a year ago, the mayor promised them a half a billion dollars for more affordable senior housing.

During the rally at 89th Street and East End Avenue Wednesday night, clergy joined NYCHA tenants.

“We need affordable senior housing now, “ said Carnen Santiago, with Metro IAF.

They say the mayor made the promise exactly one year ago today on the steps of city hall. The group called Metro IAF, made up of East Brooklyn congregations, South Bronx churches, and Manhattan and Queens NYCHA tenants.

They haven’t seen any of the money yet.

"Our commitment is the same today as it was last June," said a city hall spokesperson in a statement. "We are developing six public sites with 1,000 homes for seniors. These developments are just a portion of our effort to serve 30,000 seniors by 2026, and we have financed over 7,000 homes for seniors to date. We recognize there was public confusion about the details of this plan, and we wish he had communicated better from the start, but we never backtracked on our commitment. “

They also said one of the mayors top priorities is affordable senior housing.

In the meantime, Metro IAF promised more protests and rallies  to come.

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