Shark spotted on F train subway platform in Manhattan

MANHATTAN — Rats and dogs in bags are not uncommon sites in the New York City subway system, but one man spotted something new late Tuesday night: a small shark.

A shark was spotted on an F train platform in Manhattan. (Max.Roder/Instagram)

Max Roder saw the shark at the Second Avenue F train platform around midnight, he said. His post was spotted by Subway Creatures.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this but @MTA please come get the shark out of the subway,” Subway Creatures tweeted.

New York City Transit responded and asked where the shark was. They also included a gif from the video for “Baby Shark.”

It’s not clear where the shark came from, but this actually isn’t the first time a shark has been spotted in the subway system. A dead sand shark was found on an N train in 2013. An MTA conductor eventually cleared the car of passengers and disposed of the shark, but before that, commuters took pictures with the shark. One showed it with a cigarette butt, a MetroCard and a can of Red Bull.


Subways riders clowning around with dead shark found in subway car. Credit: The Gothamist

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