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City makes 11th Avenue one-way without warning

Posted: 6:14 AM, Jun 05, 2019
Updated: 2019-06-05 09:32:55-04

HELL'S KITCHEN — New signs line a stretch of 11th Avenue in Manhattan, courtesy of the Department of Transportation, marking a new traffic-flow change that could interfere with your route.

As of Tuesday, 11th Avenue from West 57th Street down to West 42nd Street has gone from a two-way street, to a one-way street, with drivers only being allowed to travel southbound on the west side avenue.

According to the DOT, the permanent change was made to improve traffic flow into the Lincoln Tunnel and reduce congestion in the afternoon.

The change went into effect Tuesday, June 4, but seemingly with little warning. Regardless, the NYPD didn't waste any time enforcing the changes, with reports of traffic cops ticketing drivers on 56th Street Tuesday who were trying to make their usual right turn onto 11th Avenue.

After drivers complained of being unaware of the change, Wednesday morning there were NYPD traffic cops posted at each intersection between 52nd Street and 42nd Street, directing traffic and assisting in enforcing the new one-way, southbound-only direction change.

For now, during a new grace period, from 53rd Street and up, you can still drive in both directions, but that's only until the DOT and NYPD begin fully enforcing the one-way change.

PIX11 has reached out to the DOT but still no word on when that part of this new traffic flow will go into effect.