Debris falls from 7 train in Queens — again

WOODSIDE, Queens — This isn't the first time it's happened, or even the second, it's the fifth: another Queens resident narrowly avoided being struck by a piece of falling debris from the 7 train.

The railway debris fell in front of Erin Koster as she crossed Roosevelt Avenue on Monday afternoon.

"The train went by overhead and a piece of metal from from the train," she said, explaining that it landed about 5 feet away. "I prefer that it not be on my head so I'm glad that it was not on my head."

Local City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer says what happened to Erin is not an isolated incident.

"This is the fifth time along the 7 train in my district alone in the last couple of months where debris has fallen," he said.

Councilman Van Bramer said the MTA needs to do something now to improve safety for anyone walking or driving under the elevated train.

"I've asked the MTA to put up protective netting," he said.

Van Bramer said NYC Transit President Andy Byford sent him a letter two weeks ago saying that the MTA had already inspected everything and that no action needed to be taken.

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