Need help unplugging from your phone? Turn to…your phone

Posted: 5:07 AM, May 31, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-31 06:22:25-04

We’ve all been guilty at one time or another of too much screen time. Now, it’s your own devices that can help reclaim your focus.

Smartphone ‘self-control’

One of the first ways you can combat spending too much time on your device is built right into your iPhone’s iOS. Head into “screen time” settings, where you can set “downtime”, a schedule when only phone calls and certain apps work.

You can also see how much time you spend on categories of apps, and set restrictions for individual apps.

Need to go off schedule and enable “downtime” on demand? Set your schedule for the whole day, and toggle the downtime switch when you need to focus.

And on newer Android devices, look in the settings for “digital wellbeing.” There, you can set time limits for individual apps, or use a feature called “wind down,” which turns your screen gray so it’s less tempting to endlessly scroll through Instagram.

There’s an app for that

On an app called Forest, the longer you’re off your phone, the bigger your virtual plants grow.

Space helps you be more mindful of the time you spend on your screen

Moment tells you what percentage of your day you spend on your phone — the average is (yikes) 23 percent.

But one of the best apps we found for helping you stay off your phone is called, naturally, Offtime.

Just set the timer, and enjoy. On Android, you can even set the app so it locks you out of everything except the essentials, like camera, calls and texts.

For iPhone, it’s the internal “downtime” function that works best for keeping you unplugged.