Father of ‘Junior’ sickened by sight of son’s bloody T-shirt: ‘I never want to see it again’

THE BRONX – The father of slain teen Lesandro “Junior” Guzman-Feliz abruptly left a Bronx courtroom Thursday, sickened by the sight of his son’s blood-soaked shirt.

“I saw my son’s bloody T-shirt and I never want to see it again,” Lisandro Guzman told reporters outside the trial in his son's murder, speaking in Spanish.

An NYPD officer, Tai Oykawa, testified that Junior’s white T-shirt and decorative sweatshirt were so bloody that the evidence leaked through a brown bag and had to be revouchered.

Oykawa, of the 48th Precinct, said he was instructed to go to St. Barnabas Hospital in the early hours of June 21 to retrieve the slain teen’s clothing.

“He was just covered in a sheet up to his neck,” Oykawa testified, saying he saw Junior on a stretcher.

“He had already been ‘pronounced,’” meaning the teen had been declared dead.

Prosecutors already said the prime cause of Junior’s death was a lethal knife wound to the neck, coming from a 4 1/2 inch blade that sliced the teen’s jugular vein.

With Junior’s father listening and watching, the officer said he observed the teen’s clothing at the hospital and said he recognized it from surveillance footage he had seen minutes earlier at the Bronx bodega, where Junior was fatally stabbed by a pack of alleged gang members on the evening of June 20.

Junior’s sweatshirt was blue and white, with white stars on the sleeves.

Oykawa held up another article of clothing first.

“This is one, white T-shirt, blood-soaked,” the officer said, as he held the tattered item up for the jury to see.

It looked like the T-shirt had been cut open, during failed life-saving measures in the St. Barnabas emergency room.

Then the officer held up Junior’s sweatshirt, which was also torn and caked with dried blood.

“These are boxers,” the officer said, as he held up the teen’s navy-colored undergarment.

Then he displayed Junior’s navy and gray shorts, followed by one, bloody sock.

Junior’s father watched intently and stayed calm in a second-row spectator’s seat, as his son’s bloody clothing was revealed in court for the first time.

A short time later, though, the dad seemed to get upset during the cross-examination of another witness, concerning a knife found in an alleged getaway car.

He left the courtroom abruptly with a security detail and was escorted out of the courthouse to a waiting car, telling reporters he never wanted to see the bloody shirt again.

Junior’s mother, Leandra Feliz, has not been back to court since last Thursday, when she suffered what she called a “nervous breakdown” while watching surveillance footage of her son hiding under a sink, trying to elude the gang.

PIX11's Mary Murphy gives an update on Thursday's testimony:

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