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Search for a missing puppy who jumped onto Manhattan subway tracks

Posted at 5:40 AM, May 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-24 05:43:02-04

NEW YORK — An 8-month-old puppy has been missing since Thursday evening after jumping onto the tracks at a Manhattan train station.

The cocker spaniel, Marley, and her owner, Paula Boodoosingh were waiting for Boodoosingh’s daughter on the subway platform in Herald Square when the dog got out of her harness and jumped onto the tracks.

Marley bolted on the Q train’s uptown tracks, causing MTA to halt train traffic for a bit.

“I was trying to get her, and I fall [sic], and the other people, they try to get her and call 911,” she said.

Transit police searched the tunnels and other stations, but could not find Marley.

Even impatient commuters, who don’t hesitate to sound of on social media about service problems, expressed concern for the dog, which has yet to turn up.

Marley’s family is hoping for the puppy’s safe return.

“Please, please hold her and take care of her, and we’ll come running wherever she is. She’s sweet, loves to give kisses, she loves to play — a very energetic puppy.”