Suspected subway brake puller arrested

NEW YORK — Police have arrested the man accused of intentionally pulling emergency brakes on the subway.

Isaiah Thompson was picked up at his residence and taken into custody early Friday after authorities received a tip from a sergeant familiar with him, cops said.

"He's known to the transit department," according to authorities. Thompson had 17 arrests, with 16 of them within the transit system, police officials said.

He faces charges of reckless endangerment and criminal trespass, police said.

Thompson, 23, is accused of pulling emergency brakes on trains, causing disruption and delays on trains during peak commuting hours.

According to authorities Thompson "likes to cause havoc" and saw the aggravation his actions caused commuters.

Despite the fact that MTA said Thompson would need to have a key to gain access to the emergency brakes, police say Thompson denies having a key.

On Tuesday, authorities allege Thompson entered a northbound No. 2 train and gained access to the rear train car, where he opened the rear door before opening the emergency brake.

Thompson also faces charges in connection to a May 16 incident, where police allege he stood outside the rear portion of a northbound B train in motion. During the incident, he allegedly exposed himself to passengers on the platform.

Authorities are investigating whether or not he was involved in several emergency brake-pulling incidents in April and May.

Watch authorities' Friday news conference about the arrest below:

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