President Trump spending night in NYC after immigration proposal

MANHATTAN — Following a busy day, including a proposal to curb illegal immigration and a Manhattan fundraiser, President Trump is spending a rare evening at home in New York City's Trump Tower.

While he was still at the White House this afternoon, President Trump pitched his proposal— saying it would increase border security and allow for lawful, merit-based immigration.

“Our plan achieves to critical goals," he said. "First it stops illegal immigration and fully secures the border. Second, it establishes a new legal immigration system.”

That merit based system would factor in an immigrants level of education or skill level, their age, and even their English proficiency. The goal is gearing the immigration system to allow in less low-wage, low-skilled immigrants.

“We are proposing an immigration plan that puts the jobs, wages, and safety of American workers first,” he said.

But the plan already seems to be a non-starter for Democrats, mostly because it does not include a solution for DACA recipients. It also avoids families already separated at the border and a plan on what to do with the millions of undocumented immigrants already here.

“It repackages the same partisan, radical, anti-immigrant policies that the administration has pushed for two years," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said. “It ain't happening. You're going to need bipartisan support. That means you sit down and talk to Democrats."

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