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MTA holds emergency meeting on overtime costs

Posted: 5:18 AM, May 10, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-10 17:24:00-04

NEW YORK — The MTA is holding an emergency meeting Friday regarding issues of overtime costs.

MTA Chairman Pat Foye ordered the special Board meeting and announced that he launched an immediate investigation into issues of “excessive overtime and the inadequacy of the MTA time and attendance systems.”

“The issues of excessive overtime and the inadequacy of the MTA time and attendance systems must be addressed, which is why last week I ordered an immediate investigation into these matters and why I am convening a special Board meeting on this issue this coming Friday. Overtime is an important and useful tool as we urgently seek to modernize our entire system but we must be sure it is being used effectively, accurately and appropriately," he said.a

Reports have surfaced that the MTA paid out about $418 million in overtime last year, about $82 million more than the agency expects to bring in from its latest fare hike.

More than 100 employees managed to double their salaries thanks to overtime.

According to the report, two subway maintenance supervisors made more than $350,000 in overtime, which is more than what the MTA president, Andy Byford, makes.

Overtime costs on the Long Island Rail Road have also soared more than 50 percent over the last few years. One worker took home over $344,000 in overtime on top of his six-digit salary.

As the MTA has been making repairs throughout the system, overtime and pay for shift differentials is expected, but Foye wants to make sure overtime is being used “effectively, accurately and appropriately. “

MTA says that overtime is often needed because the system runs 24/7 and most work needs to happen overnight and on weekends.