City to move large swarm of bees buzzing around Bronx neighborhood

KINGSBRIDGE HEIGHTS, the Bronx — There's a buzz along the Grand Concourse in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx. A swarm of bees in the neighborhood is drawing a crowd, but also concerns from some locals.

The unusually large swarm have mostly taken up residency in a tall tree north of East 198th Street, but the tree is right next to a residential apartment building, which has some neighbors nervous.

"I'm allergic to bee stings," said one woman from the area. "But I also think that they're good for - we need them."

Trying to explain why the bees chose that neighborhood, one local told PIX11: "Out here at this time they do thrive, because you got [the] Botanical Gardens, and then you have Harris [Park]," he said.

It is spring, and bees do what bees do, but there are better places for them.

Authorities said they plan to safely remove the bees, using a special vacuum, and relocate them to a different area.

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